South African Zionist Federation notes Israel’s decision to recall its Ambassador in SA; condemns ANC government’s hostility & discrimination against the world’s only Jewish state

The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) notes that, as a result of the ANC government’s ongoing and hostile obsessive actions against the State of Israel, the Ambassador of Israel to South Africa has been recalled to Jerusalem for consultations.

The SAZF condemns South Africa’s increasingly antagonistic and discriminatory position against the world’s only Jewish State. The ANC’s prejudicial posturing on this conflict will have profound implications for our country, as well as Jewish and Christian South Africans and others with religious and spiritual ties to Israel.

The South African government’s one-sided and irresponsible rhetoric during this period, alongside a refusal to even engage in dialogue with Israel, has had absolutely no impact on establishing peace between Israel and the Palestinians. In fact, South Africa’s act is one of self-sabotage that has removed our country from having any meaningful role to play contributing to an end to the current war started by Hamas, or any peace efforts into the future. All it has achieved is deepen the divisions in South Africa, undermine our country’s international standing and economic interests, and harm the constitutional rights of our citizens. The rest of the world is watching the behaviour of the South African government and taking note.

This attitude does not reflect the will of the ordinary South African citizens but rather the narrow interests of the ANC and its totalitarian allies. Israel has an unequivocal right to exist as a Jewish State, and to defend itself and protect its citizens from ongoing threats.

We call on the South African government to tone down its incendiary rhetoric, move towards a constructive approach towards Israel as a fellow member of the family of nations, and find a way out of the blind alley it now finds itself in. We hope this is a temporary recall and that diplomacy can continue.