South African Friends of Israel


South African Friends of Israel (SAFI)

By promoting our narrative to the broader South African community, the SAZF is actively working to increase our support base and friendship circle. To this end, the South African Friends of Israel (SAFI) initiative was established, to engage with other faith-based, cultural, and ethnic groups in the interest of building a grass-roots support base for Israel in South Africa. SAFI is a dynamic organisation that’s constantly engaging, managing, and creating media content that conveys our main messages and themes. In this way, we can help shape the broader public opinion based on facts, not just propaganda. We are also committed to harnessing the creativity and innovation of Israel’s booming tech culture to uplift South Africans from all walks of life. And we give influential decision makers a first-hand experience of Israel through our regular Outreach Tours, where diverse delegations of key opinion leaders are taken to Israel to see for themselves and form their own opinions. These tours have been an outstanding success with delegates including Christian religious leaders, influential students especially members of the ANC and BDS activists and parliamentarians. Through regular cultural, economic and academic networking events hosted by SAZF and SAFI, we are winning hearts and changing minds. In just four years since its launch, SAFI has grown support for Israel beyond the Jewish community and into the broader South African society. This desire to ‘Stand for Israel’ can be quantified and continues to thrive.