SAZF news update as at 08:00 –  1 December 2023

SAZF news update as at 08:00 – 1 December 2023:
Israel has returned to war. Violent battles of unseen proportions all over the northern part of Gaza. We pray for the safety of all our people, soldiers, hostages, and Israelis.
Sirens sounded in communities near the Gaza Strip. Sirens sounded in Kibbutz Holit, a community near the Gaza Strip. IDF spokesperson: Hamas violated the operational ceasefire, and in addition, fired toward Israeli territory.
The IDF has resumed combat against the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli officials to media: Due to unwillingness of Hamas to commit to releasing the last batch of hostages, the ceasefire will not be extended.
IDF officially announced the end of the ceasefire and says that returns to strike targets in the strip.
Heavy IDF artillery fire along the Gaza border, as well as strikes in the southern part of the strip.
Also, IDF air strikes are reported all over the Gaza border.
The Homefront Command had returned the pre-ceasefire restrictions in civilian activity in southern, northern, and central Israel. Due to fears of increased rocket fire from Gaza and Lebanon, some municipalities are cancelling educational activities today across Israel.