The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) expresses our profound shock and horror at the alarming development of a Hamas delegation being allowed into South Africa to participate in a conference organised by Siviwe Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, scheduled for this weekend of 2-4 December 2023. The SAZF emphasises the gravity of this situation by revealing that members of this delegation, particularly Khaled Qaddoumi, a Jordanian national and longtime Hamas member, currently serves as Hamas’s representative to Iran in Tehran, and has been sanctioned by the United States Department of Treasury.

The SAZF vehemently condemns the audacious admittance of extremists and terrorists into our country by the South African Government, raising serious concerns about their potential involvement in fomenting extremism within our borders.

We profoundly condemn the ANC Western Cape for hosting and honouring this delegation in Parliament.

Qaddoumi, acting as the liaison between Hamas and the Iranian government, actively fosters and strengthens relations with Iran. His role includes attending delegation meetings and engaging with high-ranking Iranian officials, where he appraises Iran’s unwavering support for Hamas, including the provision of weapons.

This after the Iranian regime continues to proclaim its intent to annihilate the people and state of Israel, while Hamas have threatened to repeat the October 7th massacre over and over again (this statement was made by Hamas officials as recent as yesterday).

Given the fact that Hamas is an internationally proscribed terrorist organisation and is recognised as such by a number of states worldwide, their welcome could have severe repercussions for our country.

Furthermore, the SAZF underscores that sanctions imposed by the US State Department can have secondary repercussions as well. South African entities engaging with this Hamas delegation, which includes Qaddoumi, may be held liable for potential effects on their financial assets. In a resounding call to action, the SAZF urges the South African government to discontinue its support for extremist groups, emphasising the imperative need to protect the nation from such alarming threats.

The SAZF appeals to South African civil society, urging them to refrain from engaging with this group in the greater interest of their own safety and the well-being of our country.