Pro-Gaza, anti-Israel demonstrators in Cape Town, August 9, 2014.Credit: Reuters


We should not commemorate the antisemitism of Durban

Published in Jerusalem Post, 21 September, 2021

It is no coincidence that South Africa was chosen as the ground zero for promulgating the apartheid smear on Israel in order to give an air of credibility to this otherwise crude hatred.

Sadly, all this achieved is to hijack the meaning and memory of apartheid for black South Africans who suffered under it. The BDS movement uses South Africa as the nucleus of its abhorrent agenda because it’s symbolically convenient to use the stain of apartheid against the only country that offers universal support and protection for Jews, and in so doing selfishly overwrite and dilute decades of systematic oppression against black people.
What’s perhaps worse is that they managed to infiltrate and influence levels of the South African government and ruling party, including a member of the Mandela family, to repeat their talking points and do their bidding.
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