Debunk the Myth of Israeli Apartheid

As a follow-up to “False Knowledge as Power: Deconstructing Definitions of Apartheid that Delegitimise the Jewish State” (December 2021), NGO Monitor is releasing a companion report marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This publication demonstrates that the charge of apartheid is legally inapplicable to Israel and the territories under its administration.

The report also includes a discussion on discrimination and steps the Israeli government can implement to improve policy and to better address such claims.

Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s Legal Advisor and co-author of the report notes, “Our analysis clearly demonstrates that there is no reasonable basis to support the NGO charges of apartheid against Israel. As last week’s ignorant remarks by Amnesty USA Chief Paul O’Brien highlight, the ultimate goal of the NGO apartheid campaign is not to improve Israeli policy, but to eliminate the Jewish state. Nevertheless, every country across the globe struggles to protect the principle of equality and rooting out racial and other forms of discrimination. Israel is no exception and should take necessary measures to eliminate it where it exists.”