Petition to Cricket South Africa: We demand reinstatement of David Teeger’s U19 Captaincy and Apology

We, the undersigned, express our profound dismay and strong objection to the recent decision by Cricket South Africa (CSA) to remove David Teeger, a talented Jewish athlete, from his position as captain of the South African Under-19 Cricket Team for the upcoming U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup, set to commence on 19 January 2024.

This decision, ostensibly based on concerns of “violence” and “safety” linked to the Israel-Gaza conflict and Mr. Teeger’s personal views is deeply concerning. It is without doubt a blatant act of antisemitism: targeting and singling out an individual due to his Jewish religion and personal beliefs in breach of the South African Constitution. The action taken by CSA not only undermines the principles of equality and fairness but also sets a dangerous precedent in the world of sports, where merit and talent should be the main criteria for selection and leadership roles.

We question the authenticity of the security concerns cited by CSA. It is imperative to ask if this decision was politically motivated, considering the broader context of the South African Government’s extreme anti-Israel hostility. This hostility has led to increased instances of antisemitism in South Africa. Such a move by CSA, if left unchallenged, could further entrench a culture of fear and discrimination against Jews and other groupings, not only in South African sports but in the society at large. Sport should be a unifying force, transcending political and religious divides, not a platform for enforcing divisive ideologies.

We call upon Cricket South Africa to apologise and immediately reinstate David Teeger as the captain of the South African Under-19 Cricket Team for the U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup. This action would be a step towards rectifying the injustice done to an individual based on his religious identity and personal beliefs, and would demonstrate CSA’s commitment to the values of inclusivity, equality, and sportsmanship.

Furthermore, we demand a transparent explanation from CSA regarding the real motives behind this decision. If security concerns are indeed the cause, we urge CSA to detail these concerns and explain why standard security and policing measures to protect their players are deemed insufficient. Cricket South Africa owes not only David Teeger but also the public and the international sports community a sincere apology for this unjust and discriminatory act. Given that these actions are also in breach of the International Cricket Council (ICC) regulations, we further call on the ICC to investigate the behaviour of the SA Cricket board and take whatever decisions it deems just. 

In signing this petition, we stand in solidarity with David Teeger and all athletes who face discrimination. We affirm our commitment to the fight against antisemitism and all forms of bigotry in sports and society. Let this petition serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to uphold the principles of fairness and equality, ensuring that no athlete is ever penalised for their race, religion, or personal beliefs.

Petition to Cricket South Africa: Urgent Call for Reinstatement of David Teeger as U19 Captain and Formal Apology

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